The Great Victoria Hotel Takeover Interview Session

Earners of this badge have participated in the Hotel Takeover project interview with the Great Victoria Hotel. This is part of the pre-employment experiences, that prepare people for the world of work. This has enabled the learner to increase confidence and raise awareness of the type of questions that employers might ask when they are looking at filling a vacancy.

Careers Development Confidence Building Personal Development Self Reflection Catering Communication Employability Hospitality Interview Skills Master A Skill Participate Project Self Awareness Training Work Ready


Earner has demonstrated the ability to speak confidently about themselves and about their own experiences. Earner has been able to apply this by answering questions with examples related to their work experience, voluntary work and/or coursework.
Earner has demonstrated an understanding of what Hospitality employers are looking for during an interview such as time management, willingness to be a team player, listening to instructions and showing an interest in the hospitality sector.
Earner has been able to identify their strengths by talking about key criteria they can bring to the role such as Barista training, running a restaurant and dealing with customers.
Earner has reflected on how they can improve their presentation of themselves by ensuring they have dressed appropriately, attending the interview on time and operating positive body language throughout the interview by maintaining eye contact.
This badge is open to all.
The Great Victoria Hotel, Bridge Street, Bradford, BD1 1JX


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