Shift Momentum IGNITE Programme
Learning Provider

PE19 2AR

We are passionate about helping young people get started in business because they are the future of business! Resilience, problem-solving, money management and leadership skills are just some of the essential skills and capabilities that can be learned and enhanced through starting a business. The Shift Momentum IGNITE Programme has been built to support young people, aged 16-24 develop valuable life skills by way of starting their own business with the IGNITE Programme.  Shift Momentum have designed IGNITE for young people who may have struggled with formal education, or are not sure about what to do next and are at risk of becoming NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training), or are unemployed – to provide an alternative route to get excited about. From learning the fundamentals of working for yourself through to building a business plan with a go-to-market strategy, our IGNITE Programme will help young people develop the skills to successfully launch a business of their own; or the skills they learn will help them develop into better employees for existing businesses, having a much better understanding of the demands and requirements of running a business.  Shift Momentum are pleased to offer a limited number of free places on IGNITE, funded through the European Social Fund as part of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Region of Learning partnership led by Cambridge City Council with Cambridgeshire County Council.

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